Rather than just listing all the equipment we own, we thought it’d be a good idea to give you a little information on some of the equipment we use and why.



All sound equipment we use is regularly tested to ensure it’s safe to use at your event. We only use the latest & best high quality loudspeaker (PA) systems. Our music is stored digitally (mp3). Our music is played using Serato software, the mp3 files are controlled by actual vinyl records and CDJ players. We use wired & wireless microphones for different applications enabling guests to make speeches from any location in the room. We always carry backup equipment in the unlikely event of equipment failure. For the more technically minded visitors we’ve compiled a short list below of some of the sound equipment we use:

– dB Opera 915DX
– dB subwoofers
– Serato Software (controlled by CDJ2000 Nexus)
– Novation TWITCH DJ controller
– Pioneer DJM-800 mixer (Worlds No1)
– Technics SH-EX1200 championship mixer
– Technics 1210MK2 turntables
– Shure SM58 Beta Wireless Microphone
– Chord QU4-H Wireless mic system (for Karaoke)



The lighting is also regularly tested to ensure it is safe to use & is cleaned on a regular basis so they give the best possible performance. Just like the sound equipment, the lighting setup is altered for the venue size & the age range attending. For example, we wouldn’t use strobe lights and lasers at a 60th Birthday, unless requested of course! We use a combination of moving heads, scanners, moonflowers, Mirror effects & powerful Colour LEDs and lasers which are all controlled via our computer controlled DMX system. For the more technically minded visitors we’ve compiled a short list below of some of the lighting equipment we use:

– LED DJ Skirt Matrix star cloth
– Chauvet Intimidator Scan LED 200
– ADJ Inno Scan LED
– Chauvet 6SPOT LED
– Chauvet 4 Play
– Laserworld CS-2000RGB
– Chauvet Hemisphere 5

The listed equipment is available to see in action in various venues at the photo gallery page.



To enhance the effect of our lighting systems we use a Le Maitre Neutron XS Hazer. The difference between a smoke machine & a haze machine is that a smoke machine emits a dense cloud of white smoke which can often be too overwhelming for smaller venues. The haze emitted from the hazer is very thin & can only be seen when the beams of light catch it. This gives the same effect on the lights as smoke, but is practically invisible to the eye & can run continuously all night. We can also supply a Chauvet Hurricane 1300 smoke machine, American DJ Blast Jr bubble machine & an FX Lab snow machine.




We provide Karaoke books, Pens and Request slips as standard.